CASSAGNAUD PROPULSION is specialised in the realisation of onsite machining.


Types of machining

  • Bore (cylinder housing, stern tube, bearing housing …).
  • Machining of flat circular surface.
  • Machining of conical bore.
  • Grinding of flat circular surface.
  • Machine centred by laser aiming (external machining references).

Unlike in-shop machining operations, on-site machining requires a specific machine designed to be directly attached to the workpiece. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to manufacture specific adaptation parts.


Main applications


The main in-situ machining is carried out on the following elements:


  • Diesel engine (cylinder housing, entablature and crankshaft bearing).
  • Ship propulsion system (shaft line bearing, stern tube, chair, intermediate bearing, propeller and propeller shaft).
  • Vessel maneuvering system (bow thruster, rudder bearing, rudder tube, rudder).
  • Compressor bearing or cylinder housing machining.
  • Roller bearing bearing bore.
  • Screed machining (ramp, conveyor belt, door …).


Benefits of on-site machining

Following a fault or during a scheduled technical stop, it may be necessary to perform one or more machining (s) on a relatively large or difficult to extract part. As a result, in-situ machining makes sense. This limits dismantling, handling, transport in a workshop equipped with sufficiently large machines and thus reduces costs and downtime. In addition, when machining on site is performed with a powerful machine and well adapted, it allows for work as accurate as factory.


In some cases, there are no other alternatives to in-situ machining, as the intervention must be done directly on the structure of the installation or on the hull of a ship.

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